Department of Computer Science

Ever since the ancient builders of Stonehenge erected a circle of stones for tracking celestial events, humankind has relied on technology to keep track of their most important information. Today, the most important keeper of information is the computer, and it is in the fast-moving field of computer science that Bar-Ilan researchers are making their mark.

Bar-Ilan helps set the global CS research agenda. Its faculty members help plan many of the important computer science conferences, edit leading journals, and have created entirely new fields of inquiry. This dynamism fuels faculty recruitment from top institutions including MIT, Harvard, NASA and Bell Labs. In the latest Acadmic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) the BIU CS department appears anong the 100 best Computer Science departments in the world.


A growing reputation for excellence in both applied and theoretical research has made Bar-Ilan's Department of Computer Science a team to watch.