Research Areas

Namesort icon Research interests
Prof. David Sarne
Artificial Intelligence, human-computer interaction, automated negotiation, game theory, electronic commerce, multiagent systems
Prof. Liam Roditty

Graph Algorithms, Computational geometry, Dynamic algorithms, Algorithms for wireless networks

Prof. Ely Porat

Analysis  of Algorithms, Complexity Theory

Dr. Tanya Plotkin
Prof. Benny Pinkas

Design and analysis of solutions to applied security problems using the methods of the theory of cryptography, with a focus on secure multi-party computation. (Cryptography Computer and Communications security Privacy)

Prof. Doron Peled

Formal methods, formal verification, model-checking, software testing, software engineering, mathematical logic, automata and formal languages, semantics of programming languages,  development and experiments with software analysis systems.

Prof. Nathan Netanyahu

Algorithm design + analysis, computational geometry, image processing + pattern recognition; robust estimation; remote sensing

Prof. Yehuda Lindell
 Cryptography, Secure Protocols, Theoretical Foundations
Prof. Moshe Lewenstein

Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Pattern Matching, Data structures

Prof. Sarit Kraus

Intelligent systems, automatic negotiations, user interfaces, decision support tools, nonmonotonic explanation, knowledge bases

Prof. Moshe Koppel

Machine Learning, Theory of Self-organization, Text classification

Prof. Shmuel T. Klein

Data Compression, Information Retrieval, Text Processing, Algorithms

Dr. Joseph Keshet

Machine learning; Speech recognition; Audio, speech and language processing

Prof. Tali Kaufman

Sub-linear Algorithms and Property Testing, Coding Theory, Graph Theory, Randomness in Computation, Approximation Algorithms, Combinatorics and Additive Combinatorics, Complexity Theory.

Prof. Gal Kaminka

Teams of Robots, Agents and People, Data Mining and Learning, Multi-Agent Systems, AI

Prof. Amir Herzberg

Network security, esp. Internet protocols: TCP/IP, DNS, routing, Denial-of-Service, spam

Applied - yet provable - cryptography, esp., resiliency (to exposures, cryptanalysis, side-channels)

Privacy, anonymity and covert communication, including defenses and attacks (e.g., on Tor).

Cyber-security, mainly: Malware communication and detection.

Usable security and social-engineering attacks, incl. phishing

Financial cryptography, i.e., using cryptography to innovate financial systems.

Trust management. 

Network protocols and distributed algorithms


Prof. Avinatan Hassidim

Algorithms, Game Theory, Quantum Computing, Approximation Algorithms

Dr. Yoav Goldberg

 Natural language processing, syntactic processing and parsing, machine translation, Hebrew NLP, machine learning and structured prediction

Dr. Ariel Frank

Distributed education, internet resources discovery, distributed multimedia, , digital libraries

Prof. Ido Dagan

Natural language processing, machine learning and statistical methods, information retrieval and text analysis

Prof. Yonatan Aumann

Algorithms, parallel algorithms, cryptography, distributed systems

Dr. Yael Amsterdamer

Databases, Management of web data and online knowledge bases, big data, crowdsourced data management.

Prof. Amihood Amir

Multidimensional pattern matching as applied to text processing, computer vision and multimedia, computational biology

Dr. Noa Agmon

Planning in adversarial environments, algorithmic robotics, multi-robot systems, multiagent systems.