Publication prizes Form

Dear Students

Similar to previous years, the department will award publication prizes to students.

There are 7 categories:

 Please distinguish between the following 7 categories (notice we are not awarding submissions per-se any longer):

1.        Journal papers in journals rated at least B. 

2.     Highly refereed conferences. [acceptance rate of at most 30%. Exceptions: acceptance

           rate of 30%-40% in conferences  ith self-selection (e.g., FOCS) or if there are no other          
           conferences of lower acceptance rate in the research area.]          

3.        Book chapters 

4.        Workshops

5.        Short paper

6.        other conferences

7.        other Journals


Note that if the same results have been published in two places, say a workshop and a conference, it is counted only as one publication. The exact amount awarded for each category (and possibly the rules in case there are several student co-authors on a paper) will be announced later. 

1. publication
2. publication
3. publication
4. publication