Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University is one of Israel's best, and is considered a world leader in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Cyber and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The Department invites outstanding candidates with a passion for science and technology to sign up for its undergraduate and graduate tracks.

The Department places a strong emphasis on connecting classroom theory with Computer Science practice, and by doing so fulfills its vision to serve as a bridge between the Academic–Research Arena and the Industrial–Business Arena. This bridge connects needs and capabilities, while promoting Academic and Technological Excellence, the strengthening of ties, dialogue and exchange of information between the two arenas, and realizing opportunities for business development and growth.


Department Staff  

The Department's Academic Staff is composed of experienced and esteemed researchers, driven by their passion for Computer Science. Department researchers incorporate creativity with up-to-date innovative knowledge from the forefront of Computer Science practice in Academia and Industry, and constantly push the performance envelope towards new frontiers.


Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

The Department offers a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science as an extended major, exposing Undergraduate students to advanced courses in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Image Processing, Cyber, Communications Security and more. The Degree is also offered in a double major format, integrating another major, such as Math, Physics, Neuroscience or Economics. Graduate Students are offered the opportunity to further explore sub-fields of Computer Science, to conduct research in a quest after new scientific knowledge, to present their work at leading International Conferences, and to acquire tools which will enable them to make significant contributions at the Technological Core of leading Industrial Companies.

The Department offers special Transfer Tracks for outstanding College and Faculties of Engineering students who wish to transfer and complete their studies in Bar-Ilan University's Computer Science Department.


Collaboration with Academia and Industry

The Department fosters reciprocal and fruitful ties with the world's leading Universities and Industrial Companies, and promotes an array of collaborations with these entities. In doing so we aim to enrich and broaden Students' and Academic Staff's familiarity with the latest and greatest in the world of Computer Science. The Department's collaborations with the best of Academia and Industry facilitate the smooth integration of Department Alumni into Graduate Programs in the world's Leading Academic Institutions, and contribute to the high demand of Department Alumni among the leading High Tech Industries.


Home Atmosphere and Personal Support for the Students

The Department of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University is known for its familiar and homey atmosphere, providing personal support to each student. The Department runs a unique Tutoring Project which helps students in their first year maximize their personal potential and deal with the uncompromising academic demands being made of them. Moreover, Undergraduate students in need of financial aid can turn to the University scholarship committee and ask for financial support. The homey atmosphere and personal support provided by the Department contribute to the fact that most students who begin their studies in the Department successfully graduate. The Department encourages Graduate students to study and research without interference, and waives tuition for students in the "Thesis track" as well as providing them with an annual scholarship. Computer Science is the only Department at the university which awards Graduate students with financial prizes for publishing papers in academic journals and conferences.


Outstanding candidates with a passion for Science and Technology?

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