Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering

10/03/2016 - 12:00

In this talk I will present our recent successful integration of various techniques from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) literature into the software debugging and testing process.  First, we show how data that is already stored by industry standard software engineering tools can be used to learn a fault prediction model able to predict accurate the software components that are likely to contain bugs. This allows focusing testing efforts on such error-prone components.  Then, we show how this learned fault prediction model can be used to augment existing software diagnosis algorithms, providing a better understanding of which software components need to be replaced to correct an observed bug. Moreover, for the case where further tests are needed to identify the faulty software component, we present a test-planning algorithm based on Markov Decision Processes (MDP).

Importantly, the presented approach for considering both a fault prediction model, learned from past failures, and a diagnosis algorithm that is model-based, is general, and can be applied to other fields, beyond software troubleshooting.