Virtual Reality Programming for Neuroscience – Job Description

יום ג', 12/12/2017

The Human Brain Dynamics Lab, in the Gonda Brain Research Center at Bar Ilan University, is looking to hire a computer programmer for development of an experimental-apparatus using Virtual Reality.

Project Goal:

Our overall aim is to create a platform for experimentations using Virtual Reality for neuroscience investigations of neural operations under real-life situations. Our lab specializes in studying speech and language processing in the brain, and VR provides an excellent opportunity for simulating real-life, while controlling experimental variables. However standard VR animation platforms are not sufficiently accurate in their depiction of facial speech-gestures (in particular for Hebrew), limiting their current use for research.

Programming Project outline:

  1. Creating a pipeline for animating speech-facial movements of an avatar based on video footage recorded from actors, using markerless-tracking.
  2. Implementing the animation of avatars in VR space (programmed in Unity),   

      with precise audio-animation synchronization.

  1. Creating an user-friendly interface for changing experiment parameters –  

avatars, audio materials, etc. – and making the process easily usable by students in the lab, for future use.

Job Requirements:

      1. High programming skills 

      2. Experience in VR programming / Unity software - advantage

      3. Hourly rate, suitable for CS or engineering students.

יצירת קשר: 

Please send all CVs and inquiries to