Master’s degree in computer science

Information for Master’s Students in Computer Science.

Registration for Semester B in Computer Science is open for the Master’s, Bachelor’s, and PhD.

Computer Science Master’s Degree Tracks:

Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Course Specializations:

- Algorithmic & Computational (Theory)

- Cryptography & Security

- Artificial Intelligence

Master’s Degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


There are two tracks:

“Thesis Track” - A Master’s in Computer Science that focuses on research and presenting a thesis.

“Non-Thesis Track” - A Master’s in Computer Science that focuses on courses, without a thesis (students have a research project in the department instead).


The Department of Computer Science will consider the candidacy of holders of a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from an academic institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education with a grade of at least 86.

You must provide a formal academic transcript (including your average degree grades) from the academic institution where you did your Bachelor’s.

The cut-off for admission for the Master’s in Computer Science may change from year to year and in practice may be higher than the threshold required to apply for the Master’s.

Students who have not yet completed the requirements for a Bachelor’s when registering for a Master’s in Computer Science.

They must complete the degree and present an approval of eligibility for a Bachelor’s by the end of the first semester of their studies.