Program for students starting in Semester A

The department offers study tracks for a Bachelor's in Computer Science:

- Computer Science programs – single major

For a semester beginning in semester A use code 89-101

Computer Science programs – double major with other departments that offer a double major track.

- Computer Science programs - structured double-major degree in partnership with the following departments: Mathematics, Physics, Neuroscience, and Economics.

For information about Computer Science, get in touch via the Contact page | Telephone: 03-531-8866/03-738-4370 | Email: | WhatsApp 03-531-8866


Study programs in the department and departmental rules are attached.

You must take courses in the Computer Science Bachelor's based on the program of your track.

Certain courses are prerequisites for multiple courses,and failing them may result in the loss of a year or even the termination of the degree.

Course program for all tracks according to the year you began your studies (calendar year). 

Registration for Computer Science degree courses

You will register via the Inbar system (choose the virtual consultation option) in the available time window (you can see your time window in the system).

You must register for required courses (lecture + practical), the elective and the seminar.