English-Language Program

BSc in Computer Science

Bar-Ilan University’s International School, BIU’s Department of Computer Science, Israel’s Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, and the Israel Student Authority have partnered together to offer a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science that will broaden your knowledge in this field and enable you to secure your future in any related discipline.


BIU’s Department of Computer Science is a world leader in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, artificial intelligence, cryptography and cyber, algorithmics, and natural language processing.

The department places a lot of emphasis on connecting the theory of the curriculum to the practice of the computer science profession and in its activities, fulfills its vision of serving as a bridge between the world of academic research and the world of industry and business.

The faculty of the department consists of internationally recognized, leading researchers in their field, who stand at the forefront of academic and industrial research and combine their work with creativity, experience and great knowledge.

The Computer Science Department emphasizes external relations and holds meetings between academics and industry to enrich and expand the students' acquaintance with the innovations in the field.


The Degree Program

Do you find algorithms, software, and programming fascinating? Do  you see yourself working in a dynamic and developing field?

Join BIU’s three-year program, which enables you to gain knowledge and experience in this fascinating, varied discipline.

In this program, you will study in English for the first year while participating in an intensive Hebrew Ulpan (language program). After completing the first year, you will integrate into the Hebrew program.

This degree will provide you with tools to develop your analytical thinking, knowledge and understanding of computers, algorithms, computer structure, systems, and more. The program will combine practical experience with theoretical courses. 


Admission Requirements

SAT Total Grade – 1,380 +

SAT Math Section – 693 +

 YAEL Hebrew exam  - receive a minimum score of 105


Advantages of this Program

BIU’s International School’s Student Services Center provides full support to international students and serves as a one-stop “home-away-from-home” address to care for students’ needs.

The dedicated staff members offer assistance in a variety of areas, which include handling of entry visas, registering for dormitories or help finding accommodation nearby, guidance with health insurance, local transportation options, scheduling of courses, providing advice on course choices, psychological support and general well-being, and more. We have two academic student advisors who have an open-door policy for all students and are always happy to be of service.


The Israel Student Authority encourages students around the world to make Aliyah (move to Israel) and follow their tertiary education studies in Israel while providing assistance to succeed in their studies and integrate into Israeli society. This assistance includes a full-tuition scholarship for eligible* olim (immigrant) students between 21 and 35 who start their studies with 36 months of receiving their new immigrant status.


The Student Authority also offers care and support for students, which includes academic assistance, accompaniment by a personal and social counselor, social activities and trips, social workers, and emotional support.

During their studies, students participate in a Hebrew Ulpan. By the end of the program, students must have completed 500-hours of Hebrew.


In addition to the challenging and interesting studies, the students enjoy a lively campus life, rich social and cultural activities, and personal attention from the Computer Science Faculty and the International School.


Opportunities After Graduation

Our graduates are highly valued everywhere that embraces innovation and creative thinking in the field of computer science. In addition, they will integrate easily into whichever area is of interest to them, including research, industry, academia, entrepreneurship, and high-tech.


Get in Touch

More about this degree program and the admission requirements can be found on our website.

International School

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Ramat-Gan, Israel, 5290002

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New Olim (Immigrants)

If you are a new immigrant, find out if you are eligible for assistance from the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration by getting in touch with the Israel Student Authority directly.


Tel: +972-73-397-2510

Email: aceng@moia.gov.il

Website Link: Conditions of Eligibility