Prof. Emeritus Natan Netanyahu

building 216 room 213
Fields of Interest




    Prof. Emeritus Nathan Netanyahu has been conducting research in Artificial Intelligence, motivated largely by basic fundamental problems in the areas of Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition.  Such problems include, e.g., nearest-neighbor searching, K-means clustering, model fitting to image data, image matching/registration, etc. During the past several years, Prof. Netanyahu has been focusing on the derivation of methods based on techniques of evolutionary computation and deep learning for innovative solutions for a variety of classification/recognition problems, such as automatic 2D visual reconstruction, gender classification from handwriting, ethnic classification from facial images, painter classification from painting images, land-cover classification from remotely sensed data, coral classification from underwater images, etc. Another prominent area of  Prof. Netanyahu's research is Computer Games, in particular Computer Chess.



    Computational Intelligence, including Evolutionary Computation and Deep Learning

    Computer Chess Computational Statistics Image Processing

    Algorithmic Pattern Recognition Remote Sensing

    Last Updated Date : 10/04/2024