Natural language processing is a field of research and technology that deals with the computer analysis of texts in human language, using methods that combine advanced algorithms from the world of computer science together with linguistic knowledge. The research group in natural language processing at Bar Ilan University is led by Prof. Ido Dagan, Prof. Yoav Goldberg and Prof. Reot Zarfati.

The research led by Prof. Dagan focuses on the field of applied semantics, using machine learning methods and advanced algorithms and utilizing rich linguistic representations of texts. In recent years, research in the group has focused on the ability to make inferences over textual information, which is a generic infrastructure for many semantic applications. The research focuses on three main levels: the development of general "inference engines" for texts, the construction of knowledge bases regarding natural language inferences, and the development of innovative applications based on advanced inference capabilities, such as the unification of information and its navigation, automatic extraction of structured information and natural language dialogues with computerized agents. Together with peer groups around the world, the Bar-Ilan group leads the field of textual inference, and partners with them in organizing scientific competitions and international projects.
Prof. Goldberg's research focuses on the infrastructure algorithms in language processing, and in particular syntactic analysis -- the transition from the representation of a text as a sequence of words to its logical representation indicating the relationships and connections between the various words. The research methods are from the field of machine learning and structure prediction. The focus of the research is on improving the quality of the analysis while maintaining computational efficiency, adapting algorithms developed for the English language to work on languages ​​with rich morphology such as Hebrew, and using the syntactic structure as a signal for other language processing systems, such as automatic translation

Accurate syntactic analysis serves as an important cornerstone in semantic language processing systems. With the expansion of the group and its research areas, it intends to deepen the study of the interfaces and the interrelationships between the semantic and syntactic levels in natural language, and to develop models that link them and strengthen the overall processing capabilities of the language


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