New robots in the department

דייזי הרובוטית האפורה במעבדה של פרופ' סרנה

The lab of Dr. Reut Mirsky has a new robot - Golda is a Boston Dynamics robot of the Spot series. It is the largest robot used in the Goal Optimization using Learning and Decision-making (GOLD) lab, led by Dr. Reuth Mirsky. The main project of the lab is the development of a seeing-eye robot that will be able to replace and extend the functionalities of a seeing-eye dog. The students of the GOLD lab are using Golda to investigate a variety of human-robot interactions: how to detect the intention of a person who blocks the robot, how to navigate smoothly in different cultures, what information should the robot communicate to its surroundings, and more.

Last Updated Date : 10/05/2023